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“Quick and able” – the fast-response business philosophy that allows Amazon Filters to support essential industries around the world with its filtration and separation solutions.

Above: Taking filtration to the next level

Above: Amazon Filters provides filtration support to process industries across the globe, including municipal water services, renewable energy, oil and gas, food and drink among others

Amazon Filters is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of filter cartridges and housings. Its precision-made products support critical liquid and gas applications across the world in all process industries that rely on high quality filtration. These include municipal water services, renewable energy, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, chemical processing and liquid coatings.

Founded in 1985 and with its UK production facility in Camberley, Surrey, Amazon Filters has an extensive and rolling capital investment programme designed to support “quick and able” manufacturing capacity.

Recent improvements include an extended production hall, new component shop, automated handling and welding equipment and upgraded areas for stock control, storage and dispatch.

Amazon Filters’ managing director, Neil Pizzey, says; “Our ‘quick and
able’ approach guides how we design, make and ship our products, including our ability to turn around customer orders for bespoke solutions from anywhere in the world. Diversification, both by sector and geography, is essential to our success and we pursue continual product innovation to support customers’ filtration needs, including in specialist markets.”

Among products launched in the past two years are filter housings to aid critical processes in the production of biopharmaceuticals.

The company has also introduced the VisClear II range of filter cartridges. These help with the challenging filtration processes required for the manufacture of high-viscosity fluids such as resins, adhesives and coolants, many of which require processing at high temperatures.

In line with its “quick and able” manufacturing reach, the company is focusing more of its efforts on export markets outside Europe. It has recently appointed in-situ market development managers for the American and Asia-Pacific regions while strengthening its distribution networks in both territories.

Amazon Filters champions environmental sustainability by making quality filters that last longer, reduce waste and minimise system contamination. In so doing, it supports industries under pressure to make better use of resources, for example because of regulatory regimes that drive environmental standards and actions. In the UK’s municipal water sector for example, Amazon Filters directly supports water companies’ sustainability and AMP7 goals, including their management of climate events such as flooding and drought.

Aside from product benefits, Amazon Filters has aligned its operations to ensure it is sustainable in what it does as a company. That means recycling, minimising waste, using renewable energy where it can and being efficient in its use of water.

To support its work across such a wide variety of sectors, Amazon Filters holds a range of ISO-accredited Quality Management Systems and other recognised standards accreditations.

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“Amazon Filters champions environmental sustainability by making quality filters that last longer, reduce waste and minimise system contamination”

Below: The new addition to the range, VisClear II units are enabling fast filtration of high temperature fluids