Tharsus Group

Tharsus Group is the parent company of advanced machines and robotics firm Tharsus and complex metal fabrication leaders Universal Wolf. Tharsus Group and its companies are based in Blyth, Northumberland, the UK’s emerging powerhouse of advanced manufacturing.

Above: Staying true to its roots, Tharsus Group is committed to remaining in Northumberland, maintaining its legacy in the North East for future generations

Tharsus offers expertise including product design, digital technologies, manufacturing and supply chain management to a broad range of customers from high-profile industrial firms such as Ocado to scale-ups like Small Robot Company. ‘Strategic machines’ is a distillation of its philosophy because the business believes it’s important for everyone that automated systems are applied responsibly and work alongside people rather than replace them.

Universal Wolf is an award-winning complex sheet metal fabricator whose strategy is strongly built around deep engineering expertise and a distinctive team identity. Complex fabrication plays a central and critical role in most engineered products, and Universal Wolf is on a growth path looking to serve multiple sectors with these skills.

According to Tharsus Group, the market needs to take a better approach to robotics and complex fabrication, from establishing clear goals to finding product market fit and setting KPIs to assess progress. Instead of focusing on replacing functions, leaders should look at the biggest challenges facing their industries, such as feeding the world’s population or modernising transport system to meet future demands. Companies often put millions of pounds toward solving problems with little commercial and valuable return.

Brian Palmer, Founder of Tharsus Group, says; “The right approach to manufacturing can be utterly transformative in helping businesses scale, weather economic challenges and drive competitive advantage. We are passionate about the ways that technology can help a company gain competitive advantage or completely disrupt their sector altogether.”

Tharsus Group has a collective purpose of creating tech that matters, helping ambitious customers around the world unlock opportunity and gain commercial advantage within their sectors. While it creates advanced machines and complex products, it is the value Tharsus Group unlocks for its customers that makes it stand apart in the industry. Tharsus helps businesses to de-risk projects as much as possible using data, modelling, and AI to increase the speed of creating new products and services and anticipate challenges.

Tharsus Group’s mission is to achieve a shared purpose with colleagues, partners and customers by working together to bring out distinct and essential strengths. Despite its ambitious plans for international expansion, Tharsus Group is committed to remaining headquartered in Northumberland and is devoted to the manufacturing landscape in the North East and its people. This is where Tharsus Group was created, and this is where it intends on leaving its legacy for future generations.

Tharsus helps businesses to de-risk projects as much as possible”

Above: Founder of Tharsus Group, Brian Palmer